0.0011 BTC
(aprox. 10$)

Customize your currency with the features you want

  • SHA256, Scrypt or x16r PoW coin
  • 0.16 branch version
  • Name and ticker of your choice
  • Unique Genesis block
  • Own coin logo
  • Windows & Linux wallets
  • Source code
  • Coin parameters of your choice
  • Dedicated hosting for 7 days
  • from 0.0017 BTC
    (aprox. 22$)

    In addition we also offer different services such as...

  • Mac wallet compilation
  • Extended node hosting
  • Blockexplorer hosting
  • For more information about these products, contact sales@createmycoin.com or directly through telegram to @createmycoin

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here, there are the most common questions that you may have when using this service

    How long does it take to create a coin?

    Our estimated time for altcoin creation is between 2 and 3 hours. However, depending on server saturation, it may extend to a maximum of 24 hours.

    Why only Proof-of-Work coins?

    By the time being, we can only offer PoW based coins. We are working to implement options for Proof-of-Stake and masternode soon.

    7 days of hosting. What happens next?

    We are currently offering 7 days of coin hosting, which is more than enough time to test your brand new altcoin and setting up your own nodes. However, you can contact us to expand this time if you need it.

    Do you offer more services?

    We have a wide and cheap selection of services related to altcoin creation, such as setting up and hosting altcoin's Block Explorer, MAC wallet compilation and altcoin web design.

    Need more?

    You can always contact us throug any of our Social Network (Twitter & Telegram) where we will solve any remaining questions you may have.


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